Cookie Clicker City

6 votes 3.5/5

Cookie Clicker City is an idle game. This exciting game will help you create your own city, a place focused on developing the cookie-making profession.

Cookie Clicker City - Information

This game, right from its launch, quickly attracted the attention of players and quickly became a hot game. Many people rate this as one of the most attractive idle games. Do you think so?

In fact, Cookie Clicker City not only has a fascinating storyline, but its graphic design is also extremely eye-catching with bright colors and realistic images. Many people were even extremely surprised when accessing the game, the first thing that caught their eyes was the floating island, also known as Cookie City!

Enjoy Playing Cookie Clicker City Game

Use cookies in the game

The floating island in this game will be quite primitive when you start playing the game. However, I believe any player can develop it into a great cookie city, and so can you! Why is it called Cookie City? Because here, every transaction is done with cookies.

Coming to Cookie Clicker City, the more cookies a player creates, the faster the city develops. Build as many details as possible in your own city. You should also remember that every detail you build on this city can create cookies and help you buy, sell, and upgrade more easily.

How to play

Similar to the game of the same genre Capybara Clicker, the player will click on the big cookie on the right to create many small cookies. In addition, Cookie Clicker City allows players to upgrade and trade in other items in the game such as:

  • Click on the house icon to buy the buildings you want.
  • Click on the arrow icon to upgrade.
  • Click on the cup icon to admire the achievements that your city has achieved.
  • Click on the wheel icon to set up the game according to your wishes.