Uno Online

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Welcome to one of the best card games, called Uno Online! Can you become the winner by being the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand?

Uno Online - Guide to Playing

Coming to this game, you will confront other online players. It can be one opponent or up to 3 different opponents. Each player is given cards, the number of which is 7 cards for each person. Your task is to remove all the cards you have. If you are the first to complete this mission, you will be the winner. However, this is not so simple. Each turn, you can only discard a single card which suits the condition that the card has the same colour or number as the card that was immediately discarded by your opponent. If you have Action Cards, you can also use them to gain the upper hand.

Using Actions Cards

These special cards can be considered mysterious elements that can make your game more interesting. The Uno Online game includes a number of different Action Cards, but do you know how to use them?

  • Plus 2 Cards are cards printed with "+2". These cards can appear in green, blue, yellow or red. Therefore, you can only use them when it is your turn to discard cards of the same color. It draws two and forces the next player to pick 2 cards and forfeit the turn.
  • The Wild Draw Four Cards is a special wild that allows you to change the colour and forces the next players to pick 4 cards. This card is more special when you do not need to pay attention to the colour of the card. But, to use this card, you must have no other alternative cards to play.
    Skip Card stops the next player.
  • Reverse Card switches the game-wise.
  • The Wild Card can be placed on any card at any time and allows you to change the colour to play.

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