Ragdoll Archers

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Ragdoll Archers is an exciting action game. Players will participate in archery arenas. Destroy every opponent until you can't continue fighting!

Join the arenas of Ragdoll Archers


This archery game is extremely "hot" on online gaming platforms. Participating in the game, you will be an outstanding archer, participating in harsh arenas. Your mission is to defeat as many opponents as possible. You will win when your opponent hits your arrow and loses all your health.


  • PLAYER 1: Use the mouse or WASD to control.
  • PLAYER 2: Use the arrow keys to control.


Every eliminated opponent will be replaced by another opponent, you need to face many different opponents. While the new enemy has full health and stamina, you do not. And they will be repositioned so that it is difficult for you to shoot them. In addition, there are also some other obstacles of Ragdoll Archers that will make it difficult for you not to be able to shoot them at enemies.

Some features of Ragdoll Archers

Game modes

Ragdoll Archers offers players 3 attractive game modes:

  • 1 Player: This is the mode where you will play against each opponent in turn. The following opponents are even upgraded with more lethal equipment and combat armor.
  • PVP: This is a mode you can play with friends on the same device. The match will take place in 5 rounds. At the end of 5 rounds, whoever wins more will be the overall winner.
  • 2 Players: In this mode, you can play with friends or play yourself. Control two characters at the same time and confront enemies.

Other features

The more enemies you destroy, the greater your chances of unlocking arrows. Those arrows will have greater power or carry different effects than the default arrows, such as poison arrows, fire, balloons, miniguns, etc.

Players need to pay attention to health and stamina indicators. The longer you aim, the more stamina you use. If you run out of stamina, you will be able to control the character to attack. But if the health bar runs out, the game is over.

Hit the apples to get bonuses: red apple gives 30 health, yellow apple gives 30 health and 30 stamina. green apple gives 30 stamina.

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