Mr Gun

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Mr Gun is an engaging shooting game. Players need to hit to eliminate each of their opponents in the process of conquering this impressive game.

Mr Gun Online Game

Precise shots

Welcome to the super fun game called Mr Gun! When coming to this game, players will transform into a marksman who is in the process of conquering the top. You will step by step to the top by eliminating your opponents.

Wherever you go, there are always guards there. If you want to conquer the top of the tower, you need to shoot all the enemies. Can you do it?


Players will use the mouse to shoot guns. Wait until the muzzle points to the appropriate position, and click the mouse to shoot and eliminate the enemy.

Outstanding features of Mr Gun

Unlock skins and guns

During the game, players will have the opportunity to receive coins. You can use them to buy new guns, new skins for your character. Surely they will help you a lot both in terms of gaming excitement and the ability to win in Mr Gun.

There are many different types of guns, each with different characteristics. Owning them will help you increase your strength, easier to win.

Defeat the bosses

Each level will correspond to 1 tower. If you want to level up, you need to kill all the enemies, including the boss. Moreover, every time you level up, your opponents will be more difficult, they will be stronger. And even, the distance between you and the enemy will also be farther and farther, making your enemy's shot will be blocked by you.

However, do not worry too much, because you can play the game to practice first, or come to the Getaway Shootout shooting game to equip yourself with the necessary skills.