Getaway Shootout Unblocked

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Getaway Shootout Unblocked brings players to the powerful platform. Control your character to defeat any enemy and be the first to reach the game's vehicles.

Mission in Getaway Shootout Unblocked

In this game, you will choose one of a lot of characters in the game's list. And the, accompanying him or her in a chaotic arena. Your mission in this game is to be the first to board a car or plane, or even an underground tunnel. Each battle includes at least 3 rounds, and it will be ended when any player wins 3 rounds. In particular, after each match, you will receive coin rewards. The number of coins you receive depends on your excellence with the number of kills you have destroyed, for example.

Guide to Play Getaway Shootout Unblocked

Instructions for passing the maps

Each round of the game will be set in different locations:

  • You may be taken to a high-rise building but there is no elevator, try to defeat the enemies to climb up to the floor and jump into the helicopter waiting there.
  • Can you climb to the top of the building, then jump from one building to another, then swing on the electric wire to get into the truck bed?
  • On the street, avoid falling down and pass vehicles such as cars and trains to get into the tunnel.
  • If the fight took place on a train. Can you overcome the ships, destroy your opponents, and climb onto the helicopter?
  • The donation can also take place in a high-rise building. You have to try to get into the elevator to go to the top floor where a helicopter is waiting.

Weapons in Getaway Shootout Unblocked

The Getaway Shootout game provides players with different types of weapons with different powers. During the game and fighting enemies, these weapons will be the key to helping you complete the mission and become the winner.

Because at the beginning of the game, no player is allowed to carry weapons. Whoever picks up the weapon first will have the advantage. Weapons such as guns, bombs, knives, etc are scattered everywhere along the way. Try to collect those weapons to strengthen yourself. Of course, guns will help you the most because they have high damage, but there are many different types of guns.

  • Shotgun with very high damage but only 1 bullet.
  • Machine guns have a lot of bullets but lower damage.
  • There are also pistols.
  • Guns with 2-3 bullet magazines also have relatively high damage.

However, in an emergency, pick up any weapon you can. Anyway, they will all be useful to you.