Turbo Stars: Rival Racing

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Turbo Stars: Rival Racing is an exciting sports game with skateboards. In the game, players accompany their characters in the race to get a victory.

About Turbo Stars: Rival Racing

As mentioned above, this is a racing game oriented towards the sport of skateboarding. Surely any young person knows about this sport, and if you are interested in it, continue to follow the information below and start participating in competitions!


Each player will correspond to a character in the game. The player's task is to help his character master the skateboard to not only conquer the track but also win a spectacular victory.

The game's track has a certain curvature, so if you can perform stunts, it will be great and beautiful. However, the most important thing is that you need to constantly accelerate, overtake your opponent and reach the finish line first.

How to control

The way to control the stickman character in Turbo Stars: Rival Racing is not too difficult. Players just need to click the mouse and hold it to move and navigate left or right to avoid obstacles. You should also continuously accelerate by clicking the mouse.

Unlock items

Turbo Stars: Rival Racing offers players a wide range of interesting products to stimulate curiosity and make the game more colorful. You can change your character's appearance with costumes, heads, rockets, hoverboards, etc. Each item has certain requirements that you need to meet if you want to own them. It could be red diamonds, coins, or reach a certain level. Or you can also unlock gifts to receive special items.

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