Noob Rush vs Pro Monster

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Noob Rush vs Pro Monster is a fun action shooting game. Accompany the Noob character, pick up weapons, fight enemies while trying to go as far as possible.

Noob Rush vs Pro Monster Online

Welcome players to Noob Rush vs Pro Monster! Anyone who has played and loved Getaway Shootout will likely be impressed with this game. They have similarities in terms of pixel graphics and the idea of picking up weapons to compete. Are you ready to enter the tough battle of this game?


In Noob Rush vs Pro Monster, our main character is Noob, a brave guy and very good at using weapons, especially guns. Your mission is to explore mysterious lands with him. However, there are many monsters guarding it, and they are always ready to kill anyone who enters the territory. Please help Noob, resist their attacks and penetrate as deep into the lands as possible.

Guide to play Noob Rush vs Pro Monster

Noob will automatically shoot and attack enemies as soon as they face them. However, he is not good at flexibly changing positions to avoid being attacked. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to help Noob move and jump to avoid bullets from enemies.

Some items in Noob Rush vs Pro Monster

Noob's weapons

While playing the game, each monster that is killed will provide you with a sum of coins, and collect them to upgrade your weapons. You can access the game's shop and use these coins to make strength for your guns. In addition, you can change guns during the battle by picking up them when killing monsters. However, you should pick up suitable guns, and avoid ones that are not suited for you.


Not only upgrading weapons but also you can buy some power-ups which can help you be stronger. Noob Rush vs Pro Monster provides power-ups such as health, armor, armor boots, etc. All of them have the function of helping players achieve high results in the game. Buy and upgrade them as soon as possible so that Noob can be in the best shape when entering battles.